Your relax in one click

The awakening is important and a good awakening is already a good start to the day is why the developers of the app Relax & Chromotherapy thought to enrich the application with a new practice up calls. The new feature involves the use of the alarm program is only once for repetitive alarm clocks, for example, every day except Saturday and Sunday.
The nice thing is that you wake up in the colors of chromotherapy and music of your choice, chosen from over 40 relaxing music and freely available.
Must try this pleasant feeling, do not you wake up from boring radio alarm clocks or disturbing sounds of the classic alarm clocks deafening.
The darkness of your room is softly lit from 7 basic colors of chromotherapy and your awakening will definitely be more enjoyable. The day will begin in full joy and with a tone of relaxation that will make you face any commitment without any difficulty. We tried it personally and we guarantee claw feeling is pleasant. Costs as much as a cup of coffee and you have to always close at hand, thanks to your phone can wake you up nicely on a business trip, on vacation, every day of your daily life or after a pccolo afternoon rest.

Happy waking up at all with Relax & Color Therapy, the one and only original lotrovi on Google Play Store at


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