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Eating healthy helps to live better

Dieta-relax-calorieResist the temptations of food is often difficult and tiring. Often take refuge in food when we are stressed and tired. If we can convince ourselves that with a good plan we can avoid throwing away a year’s worth of healthy eating we are already well under way. Here are some tips to maintain a healthy diet during the holiday season.

1 – First, the period of holidays and festivals is not the most suitable for starting a new diet. Often start a diet at this time means a failure, at the same time is not justified to eat everything we see. By making good choices you can maintain your weight, it is recommended to perform at least twice a week exercise, walk or do a light run helps your metabolism to keep us healthy and fit.

2 – Find a friend, a relative or spouse who can make a deal with you and that you can control or share with you the diet to be made. It ‘s very useful to have someone with whom to meet and share their successes.

3 – Third, choose the healthy and natural food and maintain a regular schedule for your meal. Make sure to eat three meals a day and do not skip meals for any reason. If you feel hungry between meals, drink the juice of raw vegetables that will help to push through the hunger and are low in calories. If you are at a buffet and take a little of everything without ever overdoing it.

4 – Fourth, respect the balance of calories, hyper-caloric foods also avoid them and avoid drinks with gas and alcoholic.

5 – Fifth, never arrive at mealtimes with hunger, you might attack the food without chewing properly and for a long time doing work your stomach incorrectly. If you are hungry before a party make a small meal at home. It is recommended that a piece of fruit, a small plate of vegetables or an energy bar.

6 – Finally, beware of the drinks. Alcoholic beverages and sodas are a source of fat. Better pears water at room temperature.

BE POSITIVE. Any diet facades have to be really convinced and motivated, any forced diets have a high factor of failure.

RELAX. Living in stress produces alterations in their metabolism, thus leading a healthy and relaxed helps all kinds of activities in our body.

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