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Listen to the sounds of nature and environment for rest and relaxation

Sometimes to achieve a state of mental and physical relaxation is enough to stop a few minutes to listen to the sounds made by the nature that surrounds us. There are many natural phenomena capable of inducing a state of calm and peace in our minds and in our bodies, and among them we mention: storms, the sound of the sea, the sound of waterfalls, the singing of birds and other animals. These are just a few examples, but in fact the natural sounds capable of bringing peace and relaxation are endless.

No getting around the city is a stressful experience, always in traffic, surrounded by irritating noises that only increase the discomfort to the point of wondering, ‘What am I doing here? ”
You can not really blame this kind of attitude, but everyone has their own responsibility, and unfortunately is not an option so easy to drop everything and go live on a desert island!
Here’s to you, to solve the problem, an application for Android phone: Relax & Chromotherapy¬†. Reproduces many natural sounds recorded live and played with fantastic animations.



A solution for your stress

stress02I’ve never had one of those days where you do not even have time to breathe, to be alone to think, or you can not relax? One of those days during which you feel a worker bee that goes back and forth all day, but you can stop to admire the flowers around him?
I wish someone would give you the basic tips on how to relax and take things a little more calm? Maybe usually your life flows quietly, but there are times when it seems impossible to take a break, and you need help figuring out what to do.
And if in those days rather than indulge in an evening, an hour or even 15 minutes of relaxation, I told you that you just a few minutes?
The solution you find on your mobile, download the official app from Google Play, have already proven in more than 40,000 users with excellent results.
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