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How to create a relaxing environment


After a hard day’s work is right to dedicate to his body a moment of relaxation. For this we need the right tools that are able to bring our stress levels to very low levels. Very important and create the right environment, a sort of home-made spa. All this is possible thanks to a few small steps.

– Colored candles
– Lavender essential oil
– Spray bottle
Relax & Chromopherapy downloaded for free from Google Play Store at

1 – Fill your spray bottle with water and two or three drops of essential oil of lavender. Shake the bottle so that the essential oil of lavender is diluted in water. Spread with the spray of the essence in the room.

2 – Turn off all electric lights and light the candles enough to give the room a glow.

3 – Grab your phone and start the app Relax & Chromotherapy which contains over 40 music for a perfect relaxation. Choose the track more comforting for you.

4 – Starts the Chromotherapy that will illuminate the room with an incredible bundle of alternating colors between 7 essential for chromotherapy. Enjoy the play of colors accompanied with the sounds of melodies available in the app on your phone.

5 – If you want to increase your level of relaxation, you can also use the sounds of nature that faithfully reproduce all of his that nature offers us every day. The sounds are accompanied by animations pleasant and relaxing.
In addition you can also use the function of binaural sounds that help in the various frequencies available, to stimulate mental activity, concentration, deep meditation, dream and sleep. For a correct use is essential to use headphones connected to your device.

lavender-oil-sprayTIPS AND WARNINGS
If you want to make your environment more permanent relaxation, consider painting the walls with the color blue or lavender or hanging pictures that have these colors or others with relaxing tones.
Make sure that the essential oils are flammable. Do not light the candles and then spray the water scented with lavender. Wait a few minutes to light the candles after spraying water scented with lavender. Avoid spraying water near the lavender candles and other fire sources such as fireplaces or stoves.

The app is also available in the full version at this address:

Good relaxation for all.


The importance of breathing

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You just finished a day at the office, a lot of things to do, but all in all nothing that comes out of the normal routine, and yet you feel like you’ve worked in the mine and someone will surely be ready to tell you that “if you get tired in the office so perhaps you did not tried to really work. ” The debate between ‘mental’ and workers ‘physical’ existence as long as the job. Each work is tiring in its own way, but at the end of the day, often have the impression that those who worked in “brain”, despite more sedentary, and more tired of those who worked in “muscles”. Both, brain and muscles, need oxygen to work: the brain in rest conditions consumes on average 20% total oxygen unlike a 6-7% of the muscles.
Our body is constantly working to bring oxygen to the organs, starting from inspiration, through the transport of oxygen in the blood until the expulsion of carbon dioxide. A continuous life cycle that escalates to greater demand for oxygen by a body under stress due to several simple actions like thinking about a solution, lifting a weight or counter a scare. Imbattendoti in a troubled not by chance say, “take a deep breath.” Breathing is a natural and powerful gesture that affects both the body and the mind.
Unlike other vital functions, respiration can be changed as needed. Have you ever noticed how you breathe? Do you have a slow breath, deep and continuous breath or a fast, superficial and discontinuous? Many cultures and religions that use meditation pose at the base of the practice just that simple gesture, focus your attention on the breath. Here is introduced the first of the practical techniques of breathing that I want to introduce, may seem trivial, but I assure you that if you follow the directions it will experience the immediate benefits in the first person:

Bring your awareness on the breath, as mentioned, is a very useful technique to clear the mind in order to focus on something or start a meditation session. Put yourself in a state of tranquility, sit or lie down, close your eyes if you can, and begins to breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth if you were not already doing. Focus your attention on your breath without trying to control it, let it slide, remember that it is a gesture that normally do without realizing it! You have to become a spectator of your breath.
Initially affollarti could head a thousand thoughts, do not try to chase them away, just tried to put all the attention to the breath in the meantime it could also be a little slower and deeper. Listen to your breathing, displays the path of the air also trying to feel its heat as it enters the nostrils, down releasing oxygen in the lungs and was charged with carbon dioxide to be expelled from the mouth. Practice this technique before to solve a problem at work, before the study or simply when you need to relax. Practice it 5-10 minutes a day to get the benefits more durable and long-lasting.

Although sometimes it can be annoying, first you have to prepare to play sports. Warm up a little bit just before a run (even after 8 hours sitting at a desk) is of fundamental importance in order to avoid injuries. You can use during the heating or caricarti before an event BrethWalking: This simple technique combines two natural actions and at the same time beneficial as breathing and walking, seeing is believing.
Start walking “at your own pace” a normal pace, neither too fast nor too slow, comfortable to you.
Make four breaths in sequence, sincronizzandoti with the walk. Every breath is a step.
Now do the same thing exhale. Four consecutive breaths synchronized with the steps.
Keep the pace smoothly without jerking or changing pace and continues to repeat the breathing cycle for 5 minutes at most.

The BreathWalking actually originates from far away. The technique previously seen there is a variant spiritual meditation as practiced by ancient Sufi dynamic is to add a mantra to the rhythm of breathing and walking. You can use the phrase “Towards a” divided into four syllables or a mantra. Use this technique to calm the mind and armonizzarti maybe while you go to an important meeting or before going to work.

You can also simply use breathing to relax. With diaphragmatic breathing. This technique is naturally present in you since birth, but often “forgotten” growing. If you watch a baby sleep on his back, you will see how swollen belly breathing (the supine position is also the most comfortable and natural to sleep, for some Eastern cultures this position indicates that the person has a state of mental and physical health). We can use the diaphragmatic breathing for ten minutes or when we want to make a few minutes every day to “remind” the body this technique:
Sit quietly and breathe breathing in through the nose and swelling of the belly.
Exhale through the mouth deflating the stomach, feel the diaphragm pushing up helps the lungs to empty.
To help you use your hands: the left hand and the right hand on the chest to the abdomen. The only thing you need to do is to take care that it moves only the right hand while the left hand is immobile because it is not to be the rib cage to move but the abdomen.

Welcome in Relax & Chromotherapy

icona512x512Colour therapy is an ancient natural therapy, known and practiced since the time of the ancient Egyptians who used pigments and colored powders to add to medicinal substances, but also in the East, particularly in China, India and Tibet was and is practiced for balance the emotional disharmonies that affect common diseases. The color and tone of the light which radiate towards a specific part of the body transmit the vibrations that bring in equilibrium energies.
Colour therapy is practiced on the advice of experts in holistic medicine as a treatment for psychosomatic disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, physical and mental weakness, immune deficiencies, localized pain and spasms, colors convey their beneficial properties, stimulating red, relaxing blue, green, balancing, anti-fatigue yellow.
More specifically, we see the individual colors and their properties.
• Red: stimulates physical activity and intellectual, is up, improves circulation and the production of red blood cells, is antibacterial.
• Blue: calming and relaxing, eliminates the headache, decreased blood pressure, is antiseptic and relieves pain.
• Yellow: intellect and stimulates concentration, strengthens the immune system, acts on the pancreas, is purifying.
• Green: relieves insomnia, headache, upset stomach and intestine, is antibacterial and acts in cases of nervous breakdown.
• Purple: relaxing, promotes concentration and meditation, fighting pain and fatigue, affects the spleen.
• Orange stimulates the metabolism, lungs, care spasms and cramps, restores balance to the nervous system to overcome anxieties and fears.
The most effective way of application of chromotherapy consists in irradiating a light of suitable color to the problem to be solved to the whole body or toward the specific point where is located the energy imbalance, for example a blue light towards the head for depression and stress , a yellow light towards the abdomen to stimulate digestion, liver and intestines.
Regardless of the theories and practice holistic ourselves we can experience the beneficial effects of one color or another, for example if we are in a period of stress take a few minutes to look at a blue object, and if we are unwilling to tone down a red object yellow or if we need to find concentration, sometimes simple and natural gestures is possible to find a solution without having to open the medicine cabinet.
Here to help practice free app for Android smartphones that allows you to practice color therapy wherever you are and at any time of the day.

Relax & Chromotherapy on Android phone

pubblicitaAppMarketFunzione1024x500Your relax in one click. All in 1, many functions in one application. Chromotherapy allows you to relieve your mental and physical stress. Thanks to the colors of chromotherapy can benefit from their therapeutic properties. In addition to the colors you can select more than 30 songs to listen to while very relaxing therapies, transforming your room, your office or the environment in which you spend your holidays in a pleasant Living Colours. All this with just one click.Sit back and enjoy the pleasure of relaxing! This application is practical and functional because you can take it with you and use it in any situation with a simple click.


★ THERAPY – a full-service spa with colors and sounds that accompany your moments of relaxation. Sit back in a dark room and starts chromotherapy, you’ll turn your room into a relaxation center. Be accompanied by more than 30 songs chosen for your physical and mental well-being.

★ NATURAL SOUND – a faithful reproduction of the sounds that nature offers us every day. The sounds are accompanied by animated images that stimulate your well-being and activate the innate primordial memory of nature.

★ REST AND MEDITATION – Binaural tones (or English binaural beats binaural beats) are beats that are perceived by the brain when two sounds with a frequency less than 1500 Hz and with a difference of less than 30 Hz will be heard separately through the earphones . The application has several functions that stimulate mental activity, concentration, deep meditation, dream and sleep. For a correct use is essential to use headphones connected to your device.

★ BREATH RELAXATION – Have you ever paid attention to your breath? Very likely it is shallow, fairly rapid and irregular, most of us, in fact, is used to “shallow breathing” and only 20% of his lung capacity. This type of breathing “limited” is one of the harmful effects of stress and tensions which, unfortunately, have become an integral part of modern life, because when we are stressed and tense, we tend to breathe less deeply preventing the body to be fully oxygenated. The habit of bad breath is bad for our health because it brings an imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body and this is one of the reasons why it is important to learn to breathe properly. With this application you’ll get used to breathe properly coming quickly to a state of physical and mental well-being.

★ HERBAL TEA – Everything you need to know about the world’s oldest drink. Property, explanations, mistakes to avoid and tips on the use of herbs and preparation of herbal tea. All this and more in this comprehensive guide dedicated to herbal teas.

★ SOCIAL NETWORK – Everything you need to become part of our community of relaxation. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, …

★ GUIDE – A practical guide on the properties of the colors and the benefits that each color has on our bodies and our minds.

★ SETTINGS – E ‘can download a lot of music relaxing, set the duration between one color and the next during the chromotherapy, manage your song during treatment. Also “Natural Sound” puts you in direct contact with nature, through listening to the many sounds of the environment that surrounds us gives us every day.

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Video for Relax & Chromotherapy

On Youtube you can find the relax video

About us

19427304_app-nursery-anti-stress-relax-1TuttoAndroid, the well-known portal dedicated to users with Android phones has published an excellent review of an early version of our app CHROMOTHERAPY. To date, the app has undergone numerous updates that have made it the best app for relaxing store on the Android market.

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To date, 42.000 people have already installed this fantastic app!

Chromotherapy Relax: Relax with Android

pubblicitaCromoterapiaSuFacebook-666x318Are you tired and stressed after a day of work? Why not take your smartphone or your tablet, download the new app Chromotherapy & Relax and immerse you in a world of relaxation composed by beautiful nature and relaxing sounds.In your application, you will find four different sections to choose according to your needs.

• The first category is dedicated to color therapy thanks to the colors that nature offers us we can stimulate our body and our mind, a set of colors chosen with precision and explained in detail can relax at any time of the day. Colour therapy also provides the musical accompaniment with 25 tracks of relaxation assured with the ability to set the duration of the color change, depending on the time you feel necessary;

• The second part, however, the sounds of nature, spectacular animated images accompanied by natural sounds which will let you instantly in a realistic setting and relaxing.

• The third section is used as the category Breath relaxing, a great tool that will accopagna the perfect relaxing breathing, an alternation of respiratory phases: inhalation, apnea, exhalation and retention rispiro. Times and modes are programmable according to the level of experience (beginner, intermediate and expert);

• The fourth section consists of the tea, useful information and great advice on drinks made from natural herbs, an excellent detailed explanation of each type of tea and a guide to the use and preparation as well as an explanation of the mistakes to avoid.

• There is a practical guide to the choice of colors and the benefits that each color leads to our body and our well-being.  So to summarize, the app provides 4 sections, with over 25 songs, 12 locations with natural sounds from nature, and many, many tips for our personal well-being. Chromotherapy & Relax is available in the App Store in two versions: Light (free) and Advanced (at a bargain price).

If you want to download it click on this link to the Advanced version and this link for the free version, which will direct you immediately on the relevant page of the store for download.